General Website Rules and Information

  1. Common Rules
    1. Account can be used only by a single person
    2. A single person can have no more than one account
    3. Spamming is prohibited
    4. Pornography is prohibited
    5. Discrimination is not tolerated (including but not limited to racial, ethnic, gender based, etc.)
    6. Physical threats and/or threats of disclosing real user's identity are prohibited
    7. Real person's identity (including E-Mail) disclosure is strictly prohibited. If user has made his information public, republishing this data is also prohibited
    8. Advertisement
      1. Any kind of advertisement requires administration approval
      2. External links are allowed only to a common known resources
  2. API Usage Information
    1. API key must remain private and single user only. If you believe it is compromised, change it immediately
    2. Token is bound to your E-Mail, API key and IP address. If any of them changes or token expires, you should generate a new one